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Meeting the requirements of the QLD Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 can be a daunting problem for many bodies corporates. Our Fire Safety Package is specifically designed to target risks faced by bodies corporates offering complete peace of mind that your annual requirements have been met.

One of our many qualified and experienced Fire Safety Advisors (FSA) will come to the property and carry out a comprehensive inspection of documentation required to be on-site under legislation. The FSA will also conduct a thorough walk-around of common property to identify areas of risk exposure to the Body Corporate.

The following are included in our Fire Safety Services Package

Fire Safety Audit Report

Your report will detail the current level of compliance/non compliance and will include images, references and recommendations to assist you with achieving compliance.

Occupiers Statement

An Occupiers Statement must be submitted annually to the Qld Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and is a declaration that all prescribed fire safety installations located within your building have been maintained in accordance to the relevant standards. Our service includes sending the Statement to QFES for you.

Fire and Evacuation Plan

A Fire and Evacuation Plan is a comprehensive written document detailing the policies and procedures of the building when responding to and managing fire and other emergencies. It is developed following a thorough inspection of your building and will be tailored to the specific requirements of your site. Your Fire and Evacuation Plan must be reviewed annually.

Evacuation Practice and Training

Generally referred to as an evacuation exercise, this annual requirement is designed to test the effectiveness of the emergency procedures outlined in the Fire and Evacuation Plan and ensure that building occupants are aware and become familiar with the emergency procedures. Also included in the service is specific instructions for those persons responsible for carrying out emergency procedures.

Fire Safety Advisor

A Fire Safety Advisor is required to be appointed where your building is more than 25 meters in effective height or where there are 30 or more workers on site. One of our qualified and experienced Fire Safety Advisors will be appointed to your building and be available to provide advice to you at all times.

Evacuation Diagrams

A building must display evacuation diagrams in common areas to outline the process to follow in the event of a fire or other emergency and direct people out of the building to a designated emergency assembly area.
If a unit is being used for short-term accommodation, an evacuation diagram must also be displayed inside the unit. Various finishes are available to suit the design and materials of your building and the evacuation diagrams are subject to a separate quotation being provided.

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