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Are you one of the estimated 80% of investors that aren’t taking advantage of the tax compliant way to make your investment property work harder for you by effectively reducing your taxable income?

A Tax Depreciation Schedule is prepared by our qualified Quantity Surveyor outlining the depreciation allowances that investors are entitled to.

The report will highlight items of plant and equipment and capital costs that may be depreciated and then calculates the amount you can deduct each year as part of your tax return. All investors should have a tax depreciation schedule completed on their property to maximize your tax deductions and improve the cash flow position of your investment.

Ways We Maximise Your Depreciation

1. Property inspection as standard.

2. Calculations start from your specific settlement/rental commencement date.

3. Past renovations and improvements prior to purchase are factored in.

4. Reports valid for 40 years.

5. The time you have lived in the property taken into account.

6. Joint ownership and split reports as standard where applicable.

Our qualified and experienced specialists pride themselves on offering
practicable and affordable solutions across a range of streams including

Fire Safety

Insurance Valuations

Work Health & Safety

Sinking Fund Forecasts

Tax Depreciation Schedules

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